5 Must Ask Questions About Invisalign

Considering Invisalign to align and straighten your teeth? Well as Invisalign becomes more and more popular so do the number of questions from patients who are interested in orthodontic treatment. We’ve put a brief compilation of the most important questions to ask us, your orthodontist, about Invisalign.

Some signs that your teeth may not properly aligned can include but not limited too: jaw pain, overbite, under bite, protrusion or crowding of teeth, spacing between teeth, or difficulty brushing or flossing. Orthodontic treatment is normally recommended by your dentist to correct these issues and help achieve optimal oral health.

One great option is Invisalign treatment. Many people believe Invisalign is solely a “cosmetic option” compared to traditional braces. However Invisalign is a great option to correct just about all the orthodontics issues you may have while remaining invisible to the public eye.

Traditional braces do not have to be a rite of passage from parent to child or adult to kid. If you or a loved one may need orthodontic treatment and want to consider another option we suggest reviewing these helpful comparisons between traditional braces and Invisalign.

1) What orthodontic issues can Invisalign correct?

Invisalign can correct many of the issues traditional braces have but not all, and the amount of correction needed plays a big role on that decision. Traditional braces or even an appliance may be needed to align the jaw or move certain teeth properly. Other then severe cases, Invisalign aligners will do an excellent job in correcting the issue.

2) How long can treatment last for my case?

Average treatment time for both traditional braces and Invisalign are very similar but many factors influence on the exact length. Factors such as age, amount of correction and type of condition you may have will determine treatment time. In either case, traditional braces or Invisalign you are required to come in for regular visits in order to be adjusted or receive a new aligners. Keeping up with those visits are of upmost importance to achieve results.

3) Will Invisalign still work if I am a more matured adult?

Many adults have chosen to get their smiles aligned, more than 65% or our patients are adults! While traditional braces are becoming more accepted for both adults and kids, Invisalign is a great option for patients who would prefer a nearly invisible option and want more flexibility.

4) Why is the up-front cost of Invisalign typically more than braces?

Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners based on a 3D impression taken from your mouth. These are custom made just for you in a laboratory which is why the up-front cost is typically more than braces. Your Invisalign case will be supervised by orthodontist, a specialist in providing you with the best and fastest results available. Our financing options at iSmile are always affordable regardless so not to worry.

5) My teeth don’t LOOK crooked to me, you may ask.

Why is my dentist recommending an orthodontic evaluation? Appearance is not the only reason involved in proper alignment of your teeth. While your front teeth may appear straight, your back teeth may not be properly aligned or not touching. This can affect your overall oral health and if left untreated may affect other teeth. A quick complimentary consultation at iSmile Orthodontics can help you weight the pros and cons of treatment.

BONUS ROUND: DIY teeth straightening? If that guy I read about did it himself why can’t I?

You may have read about a college student who used a 3D printer to make his own teeth aligners and it seems like it turned out great. While we commend his enthusiasm and careful research on tooth movement, his case was very minor. It shouldn’t be expected that everyone will have the same result or follow the same steps. If done improperly it could have affected horribly is oral health and keep in mind he used 3D printer that cost thousands of dollars .

*Teeth and Jaw alignment is a complex process and advise taking advantage of the best in training and technology you desire. There is a reason an orthodontist has 12+ years of schooling not including hands on experience. Call us today and we will take care of you properly and you’ll love your new smile!


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