Do I Need Braces to Meet My 2020 Smile Goals?

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Orthodontic braces are designed to align and straighten teeth, position them with regard to a patient’s bite, and to improve overall dental health. Millions of people, both adults, and children, wear braces. So if you have any plans of getting perfectly straight teeth this new decade, you definitely want to consult an orthodontist.

Signs You Need Braces:

  • Biting the sides of the cheek or hitting the roof of the mouth – misalignment of teeth induces this uncomfortable problem
  • Breathing through the mouth all the time – although most people don’t attribute this problem to teeth and their development, getting braces could help resolve it
  • Jaw shifts or makes sounds – this problem points to a developmental issue with teeth and jawline
  • Losing baby teeth relatively early in life – when baby teeth fall out early the growth of adult teeth could be affected
  • Teeth appear crowded and crooked – many people feel embarrassed to flash a smile because their teeth are not straight and don’t have an appealing look

If the above-mentioned signs apply to you (or your child), don’t wait, schedule an appointment today. Children should receive a dental screening no later than age seven. The dentist determines whether braces are necessary. Remember, braces are for children and adults alike, and they have many advantages ranging from straight teeth to healthier teeth and gums.

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