How to Practice Good Hygiene on the Go: Office Hygiene

For most people, brushing their teeth twice a day is sufficient. While this is the general recommendation when looking at dental hygiene tips – even advised by dentists – new data suggests that brushing your teeth after meals, while at the office or on the go, is crucial while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Why Brush Your Teeth At The Office?

In a survey that was done by AGD and Oral-B Laboratories, it was found that 96% of employees felt that a smile is important in how they portray themselves to clients in the workplace. For 32% of the surveyed employees, bad breath was ranked at the top when considering the least attractive factors related to co-workers. Another interesting find was that over 75% of employees eat at least two times a day while they are at work, yet merely 14% of these people said that they brushed their teeth during the day, while they are at the office.

With a smile being considered an essential trait to a person’s confidence in the workplace, it is critical to start implementing good hygiene habits, which includes brushing your teeth after meals. This is particularly important after having a meal. Food particles can get stuck on and between your teeth when you eat, and this will certainly have a negative impact on the appearance of your smile.

Apart from aesthetics and the desire to never have food particles sticking out during a conversation with others, food remains between teeth crevices contributes to rapid tooth decay and other oral health diseases. Hence it is important to pack a floss kit with you and practice flossing on the go, be it in the office, or at school.

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