Night Guards!

Why Am I Grinding My Teeth?

Every day stresses, such as a busy day at work or plain old anxiety can cause you to grind your teeth while you sleep. This is referred to as Bruxism. Bruxism is a condition in which you grind, gnash or clench your teeth. You may experience dull headaches or a sore jaw if you are effected by this condition. Cracks in teeth ( Although microscopic) are not uncommon with Bruxism. Bruxism affects 10-15% of all adults.


  • A grinding sound at night (someone in the room may hear this)
  • Jaw muscles become tight and may hurt
  • Popping or clicking of the temporomandibular joint
  • Long-lasting pain in the face
  • Damaged teeth, broken dental fillings and injured gums.
  • Occasional Swelling on the side of your lower jaw caused by clenching
  • Headache

When do I need a night guard?

There are multiple ways to treat Bruxism. One of the most common ways to treat the condition is by the use of a night guard. Almost like a mouth guard used in sports, night guards are meant to protect your teeth from damage or potential trauma. Just like mouth guards, night guards can be bought in stores such as a pharmacy and boiled ( so that it softens and molds around your teeth). Once boiled, gently bite into the guard so that the guard provides you with a custom fit.

Can I order a custom night guard?

Yes! You are able to order a custom made night guard for a better fit. Guards ordered through an orthodontist or dentist are more desirable than ones bought in the pharmacy. They are made specifically to fit your mouth, and are of better quality. Typically impressions of your mouth are taken and then sent to a lab. Night Guards resemble a retainer but are made of a softer material.

My night guard is uncomfortable

If you are experiencing discomfort with your guard, you may be suffering from Mal-Occlusion and should schedule a consult with us today. In order to prevent any discomfort keep your stress levels to a minimum and avoid stimulants such as caffeine!


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