Surviving Broken Brackets on Thanksgiving

A broken bracket is the most common orthodontic issue in children and adults with braces. This problem can happen due to a wide range of reasons such as biting hard into food, brushing teeth too hard, or when picking at the bracket. On Thanksgiving Day, we eat a lot of food, so it’s natural to worry about broken brackets or what to do if that problem happens. One thing you should never do is panic.

How can I prevent broken brackets?

The best way to avoid dealing with broken brackets is to do your best to prevent it from happening. Don’t worry; it’s incredibly easy. The biggest risk of bracket breakage on Thanksgiving Day comes from eating foods that are not suitable for braces or orthodontic appliances. Avoid hard, sticky, and crunchy foods. For example, avoid eating meat off the bone by cutting your meats into small pieces. Don’t eat a pecan pie and anything that is candied and caramelized. Instead of raw, you may want to opt for cooked vegetables, they are softer. Stuffing is good, especially without crunchy ingredients. When you make these adjustments and eat soft food, easy to chew, you’ll reduce the risk of breaking brackets.

What if my brackets break after all?

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t panic. First, check to see if it’s still attached to the wire. If so, use orthodontic wax to hold it in place until the dentist’s appointment. On the flip side, if the bracket has come loose, make sure to put in a safe place and bring it to the dentist’s office.

Floating brackets may cause pain, so by the time you see the dentist, you can sterilize tweezers and slide the bracket along the wire so that it sits between two teeth or in the tooth center. Contact the dentist’s office right after Thanksgiving to schedule an appointment to get the broken bracket repaired properly.


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