The Danger of Aligners and the Gift of Orthodontics

Teeth aligners/orthodontic treatment is an incredibly thoughtful holiday gift, but not all teeth aligners are created equal. Before we continue with why, we’d like to share this little nugget of wisdom, never compromise your health for beauty.

Most people love the beauty and confidence that come with perfectly straight teeth, but in an effort to achieve that, some people are willing to opt for cheap mail ordered aligners which could turn out to be incredibly destructive to teeth in the long run.

While clicking on a cheap “Order Now” button is easy, avoiding treatment by a trained doctor (orthodontist) who will monitor, spot any possible dangers, bone density problems, malalignment etc., could literally cost you your teeth when opting for mail ordered aligners. If you want to give the gift of a beautiful smile to a loved one this festive season, make sure you’re going with braces or aligners provided by and under the supervision of an orthodontist. Going with a doctor ensures that your orthodontic gift does not become their nightmare in months or years to come. Below are some concrete reasons why you should avoid mail ordered aligners.

No thorough exam

Orthodontics is not based on the “one size fits all” rule. A thorough exam is necessary to make sure the patient gets the best care he or she needs. There’s no such thing with mail-order aligners. People just order them online, and that’s it. No evaluation, no discussion of benefits with the dentist, no tips to take care of them properly, among other things. As a result, it is impossible to identify and manage various oral health concerns.

Inaccurate fit

Receiving the aligners in post means the person doesn’t get to try them on before the beginning of the treatment. As a result, the risk of wearing aligners that don’t fit properly increases significantly. Without a proper fit, it’s impossible to get the desired results. That means it’s difficult to get straight teeth wearing these aligners as they probably won’t fit the way they should.

More expensive in the long run

Most people order aligners online because they’re cheap. The truth is they are more expensive in the long run. Since there is a high risk the treatment won’t go according to the plan, it’s necessary to see the orthodontist and do it the right way. When you combine all that, it’s evident why aligners, you thought were cheap, cost more in the end. If you have any questions regarding orthodontic treatment, feel free to contact us.


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