What if My Retainer Does Not Fit Anymore?

So its been a while since you’ve completed your orthodontic treatment and have been “wearing” retainers but they aren’t fitting like they use to, what’s going on?

If you have braces, you’ll probably have to wear a retainer once they’re removed. The same goes for Invisalign.

Unless it’s a permanent retainer, you won’t have to wear it all the time, and you may not have to wear it forever, but retainers are a crucial piece of teeth alignment. It’s important that you wear them for the length of time you’re instructed to.

The good news is having a retainer is pretty easy. If it’s permanent retainer, you soon forget it’s even there. As for a removable retainer, simply follow your orthodontist’s directions, and you should be just fine.

When you first try on the retainer, it’ll likely feel snug. This is a completely normal. As your teeth set into an aligned resting position, the retainer will loosen up, and any discomfort will go away. Occasionally, however, a person may find their retainer isn’t fitting like it’s supposed to. Either it’s too painfully tight, or it won’t even go on anymore.

How can a retainer stop fitting?

The most common cause of retainer problems is simple: people don’t wear them like they’re supposed to.

There’s a reason why your orthodontist tells you to wear your retainer a specific amount of time. If you’re not wearing it enough, your teeth may shift, causing your retainer to become tight.

Go too long without wearing your retainer at all, and you may not be able to get it back on to your teeth.

If, however, your retainer fit perfectly fine one day, and you can’t for the life of you get it over your teeth the next, it’s likely that the retainer was bent or warped somehow.

What do I do now?

Regardless of what the cause is, if your retainer isn’t fitting, you should schedule an appointment with an orthodontist immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely the effects of your braces or aligners will be reversed.

If it turns out that your retainer has become warped, the orthodontist can fit you with a new one or possibly adjust the previous one.

For those who haven’t been wearing their retainer enough, the orthodontist might be able to provide a new retainer that can get your teeth to where they need to be. However, if they’ve shifted too much, you may need to be refitted with braces. The good news is, this alignment period won’t last as long as the original alignment process.

The best way to care for your teeth is choosing an orthodontist who truly cares

If you’re in need of braces or Invisalign, the team at iSmile Orthodontics is here to help. We provide great customer support and a warm inviting atmosphere too all of our patients. Contact us today, and we’ll make sure you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.


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