Whats Love Got to Do With Braces

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February is all about love, Valentine’s Day, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and little presents people choose for their loved ones. February is also National Dental Hygiene Month, so what do braces have got to do with love? It turns out – a lot!

Sure, braces are not on most people’s list of the most romantic presents for Valentine’s Day, however, they should be. Why? The reason is simple; braces improve lives in more ways than one. The primary function of braces include straightening teeth, correcting misaligned jaws, closing gaps and more. It completely transforms teeth and creates beautiful smiles that last a lifetime hence, no one forgets the person who gave them the gift of a beautiful smile.

A beautiful smile increases a persons confidence, and confident people are often unafraid to stand out, an attribute many find attractive. So what’s braces got to do with love, the end results of braces makes people fall in love with their smile, and attracts other people to them. It is hard to resist loving a person with a dashing smile.

On the other hand, misaligned and poorly structured teeth can negatively influence a person’s self-esteem. It can cause public ridicule, and insecurities which make a person want to hide their smile or stay clear of the public eye. When spending time with friends and loved ones they tend to hide their joy by trying not to smile, which can have adverse effects their relationships.

Therefore, love and braces are more connected than most realize. Braces make us healthier, happier, and more confident. They make us feel liberated and ready to love and be loved.

If you’re wearing braces this Valentine’s Day, be sure to brush, floss and smile confidently. Show off your beautiful smile in the making, everyone loves a person who betters themselves. To learn more about getting braces, contact us today!

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