The Westchester County Center

The Westchester County Center, a multipurpose arena and exhibition hall in White Plains, New York, hosts a range of events all year long. The County Center is a center of entertainment and activity for the people of Westchester County, hosting everything from sporting events to concerts to trade shows.

Horse shows and agricultural fairs were held at the County Center when it first opened its doors in 1930. In the 1960s and 1970s, it also served as a practice space for the New York Knicks and New York Rangers. The County Center is a contemporary building with cutting-edge amenities today.

The County Center’s sports facilities are one of its main draws. The Westchester Knicks, an NBA G League affiliate of the New York Knicks, call this arena their home. In addition to hosting high school and college basketball competitions, the County Center also hosts other sporting occasions like boxing matches and professional wrestling matches.

The County Center presents a range of musical performances in addition to sporting events. Big-name performers like Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, and Billy Joel have performed at the arena. Winter Wonderfest, a seasonal occasion with ice skating, a holiday market, and other joyous activities, is another annual event held at the County Center.

Conventions and trade shows frequently take place at the County Center. Large-scale events can be held there, and its roomy exhibition hall can be set up to suit the requirements of any given event. Trade shows for sectors like technology, health and wellness, and home improvement have been held at the County Center.

The County Center is a crucial community asset in addition to serving as a center of entertainment. It has served as an emergency shelter in times of crisis and is used as a polling place during local, state, and national elections. The County Center is a well-liked location for school field trips as well, giving students the chance to discover the background and workings of a sizable event venue.

To keep the County Center a cutting-edge facility, it has undergone a number of upgrades and renovations over the years. A new LED lighting system was installed in the arena in 2012, which not only enhances the spectator experience but also uses less energy. The County Center has also prioritized accessibility, installing ramps and elevators to make sure that everyone can enjoy the events held at the venue.

The Westchester County Center serves as a significant cultural and entertainment hub for the people of Westchester County. It is a welcoming and inclusive destination for people of all ages and interests thanks to its cutting-edge facilities, variety of events, and dedication to accessibility. Visitors are guaranteed to have a memorable and pleasurable experience, whether they are attending a Knicks game, a concert, or a trade show at the County Center.

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